Thursday, October 22, 2009

In this world where desire rules the heart.. Love is the lamp that lights up the soul!

This is my first attempt at blogging. I might not stick to rules or follow the trend but I solemnly promise to learn fast. I ve been meaning to blog for the past 10 months but I suppose it was just god's will that I start only now.
The date was 11/12/2008.. I can clearly picture myself mopping the floor. I was grudgingly doing this job because it was karthigai deepam that day and everyone except me and patti had gone to the hospital. I was waiting for the good news any moment now. And finally the phone rang. It was my mother who broke the news to me. Its a girl!!! WOW!!!!!!!! A girl was what I had wished for to be honest. And I had beforehand decided a name for her that morning. I thought she should be called Krithika because it was the day dear lord Muruga was also born. I screamed with excitement and patti and me performed a little jingle!! She was also at the height of happiness as dear Ananya ( that's how she was eventually named) was her first great-grandchild. I was dying to go to the hospital to meet my anna and anni and our little star!